BullionFX Incorporated

24 November 2021
by Stephen Moss

BullionFX (ticker: $BULL) is the world’s first institutional grade gold bullion token (ticker: $GOLD), it has real applications through Private Wealth / HNW / Brokers / Forex Platforms / Debit cards i.e as a currency and is essentially bringing back the ability to replace paper gold with physical fractional gold.

The product is completely disruptive in every sense – It undercuts ETF’s and physical gold by 1-2% and they could use $GOLD as a hedge, FX platforms can now list a gold currency, and aside from its added benefits of being extremely liquid, private, real time globally transferrable etc it has a huge use case with traders, holders, and people trying to move gold/assets/wealth globally as you can sell it anywhere on spot market or redeem it for your physical gold backing your token.

There are 3 key differentiators here;

1) The application to the real world is huge, and real, and possible now given the BDO Audit. A really simple example of real world application is the ability for FX platforms to have a gold ‘currency’ in times of volatility, or the ability for Credit Suisse to now sell clients physical gold with the ease and security of paper gold (which they currently sell)

2) The BDO Audit itself is a world first, never have you been able to audit blockchain to an institutional grade (which is why its stuck on crypto exchanges), BDO Blockchain is the world’s first large reputable institutional auditor in this blockchain space & we are their first client,

3) BullionFX has attracted a world leading team including the former Director of Operations of Ethereum (2nd largest crypto in world after Bitcoin), the former SVP and 2nd employee of EOS/Block.one (largest build in crypto $5bn), Mark Bouris (Yellow Brick Rd), Jon Teo (backed snapchat/insta/Airbnb etc), and some of the world leading guys in the Forex space (because the world, and FX platforms, really need to list GOLD as a currency and bring us back to the gold standard).

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