The new standard in decentralised financial ecosystems

BullionFX is a decentralised, scalable, autonomous and future-proof financial ecosystem underpinned by a new gold standard. The BullionFX ecosystem will offer users secure infrastructure and full control around the ability to trade, pay, save, yield and participate in DeFi, synthetics and other open source products with the ability to store underlying wealth in any major currency or $GOLD.

Gold token image

GOLD Token

The world’s first institutional grade gold backed cryptocurrency. $GOLD has solved the inherent problems competitors have around liquidity, institutional grade audit, physical withdrawal and reputation. More details on $GOLD coming soon.

Gold token image

BULL Token

A token representing the BullionFX ecosystem itself, that is purchased and burned monthly from transaction fees within the ecosystem. The BullionFX ecosystem roadmap includes exchange, payment, yield, de-fi, synthetics and open source applications.

BFX Exchange Trading logo


The initial product within the ecosystem is the BullionFX trading platform. The initial phase of the platform will allow users to purchase and sell $GOLD, and other major currencies.

DFX Payments icon


The payment roadmap outlines functionality through global payment providers to offer deposit and debit card products allowing $GOLD to be utilised as currency.

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The Bullion decentralised reserve offers custody and storage of any major cryptocurrency while earning a yield, without the need to trade off technical know-how against security.

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$BULL builds the bridge between existing decentralised and traditional markets to use crypto as security to borrow in fiat. Stake and earn a return on major currencies, including $GOLD.

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Synthetic integration within the ecosystem will allow users to have easy, decentralised, and autonomous access to a range of products, while also allowing users to create their own synthetics.

DeMi Logo


BullionFX have secured a shipment of state of the art mining machines, specifically designed to run solely on cost effective renewable energy.  With these custom built machines, BFX will build the world’s first and only decentralised gold mine, or DeMi for short.