What is Demi?

25 January 2022
by Stephen Moss

De-Mi is the worlds first decentralised Gold Mine, De-Mi provides daily returns to holders paid in Gold Bullion generated from processing transactions on various blockchains

How does De-Mi make money processing blockchain transactions?

Transactions on the blockchain network need to be processed, this is achieved through a vast number of decentralised computers (nodes) viewing and approving them. The transaction fees paid by transferors of cryptocurrency transactions are collected in a pool, and distributes to nodes operating on the network as a reward for processing them. De-Mi owns and operates some of the most efficient ‘nodes’ in the world and passes these returns onto De-Mi holders

How is De-Mi different from mining Bitcoin?

De-Mi is conceptually the same as mining Bitcoin, however has various unique efficiencies including perpetual nodes, return above market, risk below market, and plans to be tokenized for absolute liquidity and re-sale

What is a perpetual node?

‘Nodes’ like computers have a life span of around 2-3 years before they break or become inefficient and need to be replaced, a perpetual node is a node that is designed to never require replacement allowing returns in principle to continue forever

How does De-Mi create perpetual nodes?

De-Mi purchase perpetual nodes off various suppliers, and aims to create our own perpetual nodes, these nodes do expire however De-Mi has been able to design perpetual nodes through achieving above market return and allocating a portion of return into a pool which replaces nodes over their lifecycle

How does De-Mi provide a return above market?

Many blockchain companies claim to achieve above market returns through finding efficiencies in cooling machines or cheap electricity, De-Mi is able to combine wholesale suppliers along with decentralised / cloud suppliers which achieve higher returns due to its tokenized structure

How does De-Mi provide significantly lower risk than mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

Mining is inherently risky because often your investment is linked to a single machine, with a single supplier/operator, and an investor needs to take an inherent risk in the above along with the management of that company. De-Mi is building a supply chain consisting of multiple world leading suppliers, allowing risk to be distributed in order to avoid a ‘nuclear’ event. In the event that a supplier did collapse, while a traditional investor may lose their entire investment and returns held De-Mi would only risk the destruction of a portion of nodes I.e if De-Mi operates 5 suppliers in a ‘nuclear’ event within a supplier risk falls from 100% to 20% (1/5), which is equivalent to return on investment over a short period allowing the principle to easily recover

Why would De-Mi tokenize and how does that help liquidity and re-sale?

Blockchain miners are operating decentralised equipment on a centralised model, which is ironic, it would be similar to selling computers in mail order catalogues. By tokenizing De-Mi, holders would own a token representing a right to obtain a yield from the De-Mi pool. Advantages of this include worldwide transferability and security, while giving users the opportunity to easily resell through various exchanges and easily finance the purchase through De-Fi eliminating any need for finance/brokers

How are holders paid in Gold Bullion?

During distribution, cryptocurrency earned by De-Mi nodes from processing transactions is sold for USDT/USDC and used to buy physical LBMA grade gold from StoneX, the worlds leading wholesale supplier of Gold

Do I have to be paid in Gold Bullion?

No. De-Mi plans to introduce the option for holders to select whether to receive returns in Gold, USD, AUD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bull in mid-late 2022

Is De-Mi a reputable company?

De-Mi was formed as a subsidiary of BullionFX, widely regarded as a specialist in developing institutional grade blockchain products and operated by some of the industries leading blockchain executives globally. For more information on BullionFX or the team visit www.BullionFX.com

How can I learn more about De-Mi?

Download an info pack HERE (call to action, take email and phone to get info pack, plus this puts them automatically on waiting list)

How can I invest in De-Mi?

In Q1 2022 De-Mi will only be available to shareholders of BullionFX, followed by exclusive offers to BullionFX token holders ($BULL) and subscribers on the waiting list. To join the waiting list click HERE (same as above then they get info pack, same list)

How can I boost my returns even further in De-Mi?

De-Mi offer higher daily returns (bonuses) to holders of the Bull token ($BULL), for a schedule of bonuses click HERE

De-Mi also offers an affiliate referral model, offering 10% commission upfront and 5% ongoing daily commission on daily returns from any referrals

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