The revolution in personal finance.

Jonathan Teo

Fiat currencies are reliant on an inherent trust in institutions which people no longer inherently trust.


Welcome to the world’s first gold-backed, fully audited and autonomous ecosystem.

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BullionFX uses gold to bridge traditional banking with the new world of crypto and decentralized finance.

We provide individuals with secure and easy access to a whole new era of financial products.

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Gold Backed Currency

Our $GOLD token has been designed to provide the upside of paper gold, physical gold, and digital money by offering an institutional grade product backed by gold bars, trusted partners and a trustless blockchain solution.

Institutional Grade Auditing

We are independently audited by BDO Blockchain, a division of BDO Global. The BDO Blockchain audit includes financial, gold verification and purity, gold and blockchain token reconciliation and balances, and smart contract security.

Growing Ecosystem

The Bullion ecosystem will offer secure infrastructure and full control around financial services and other products creating a decentralised financial ecosystem bridging the traditional and decentralised world.

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Meet our rockstar team


Stephen Moss


Stephen Moss is an expert within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and currently leads the team at BullionFX.

Jonathan Teo - BullionFX President

Jonathan Teo


Jonathan is a thought leader in consumer technology and blockchain.

Adeel Kiani - BullionFX Chief Operating Officer

Adeel Kiani

Managing Director

Adeel Kiani has 12 years of business leadership experience and is responsible for driving revenue growth through new business acquisition.

Mark Bouris - BullionFX Advisor

Mark Bouris


Wizard Home Loans was founded by Bouris in 1996 and was sold to GE Money in 2004 for $500 million.

Join our mission to make gold shine again.

What is Demi?

What is Demi?

De-Mi is the worlds first decentralised Gold Mine, De-Mi provides daily returns to holders paid in Gold Bullion generated from processing transactions on...

BullionFX Incorporated

BullionFX Incorporated

BullionFX (ticker $BULL) is the world’s first institutional grade gold bullion token (ticker: $GOLD)