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BullionFX will release details regarding the transition and airdrop of $BULL (V2.0) to holders or the listing and purchase of $BULL (V2.0) through our official social media channels.

BULL is the utility token of the BullionFX ecosystem.

$BULL is a blockchain based token which represents the BullionFX ecosystem, and is purchased and destroyed with transactional fees generated within the ecosystem.

$BULL provides holders with special access and privileges to features, discounts and more.

The BullionFX ecosystem has been designed to reward users who hold $BULL through offering various Ecosystem Boosters, Staking rewards, and other benefits. Click here to read our disclaimer.

The BullionFX reserve wallet collects transactional fees within the ecosystem from products developed, including $GOLD.

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The BullionFX reserve wallet will liquidate all transactional fees received in $GOLD and other currencies and accumulate $BULL, which will either be transferred to the community staking wallet to reward users staking $BULL. The BullionFX reserve wallet will utilise its available mechanisms to add value to $BULL though balancing supply and demand, ensuring efficient market operation, increase ecosystem and community growth and incentives, and reward key users for driving transactional volume.

The BullionFX ecosystem rewards wallets holding $BULL through providing yield boosters - allowing holders of $GOLD and other leading currencies to maximise returns

Ecosystem boosters work through a Master Protocol structure (MPs) governed by smart contracts which allows a master yield pool to be distributed over 4 tiers (or Sub-Protocols; Standard, Silver, Gold, Diamond). Higher tiers are reached through holding higher amounts of $BULL within a user wallet, and accordingly higher tiers receive a higher portion of the MPs.

Booster Yield (%)
Standard 0.8695652 6.96%
Silver 0.9565217 7.65%
Gold 1.0434783 8.35%
Diamond 1.1304348 9.04%
For more information on how ecosystem boosters are calculated, see our Whitepaper
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The $BULL Yield Protocol generates a yield to holders of $BULL while it is staked.

Transactional fees generated within the BullionFX ecosystem are swapped on exchange for $BULL and distributed to the Reserve Wallet for use within the $BULL staking pool, creating a community driven ecosystem which utilizes transactional fees to reward the community To allow the ecosystem to develop as per its roadmap and reach critical mass to allow staking rewards to achieve target yields, a community pool of over 347,000,000 $BULL tokens have been allocated to staking rewards to provide target KPI's up to 1st July 2028.

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Build over GOLD

BullionFX is more than the world’s first institutionally audited gold backed currency, it is a backbone of gold liquidity allowing industry protocols to develop on (or over) gold. Bringing a world of stability to an otherwise unstable market.

Xg is a protocol designed to allow for any decentralised currency 'X' to be paired with $GOLD 'g' to offer the inherent benefits and stability.

Join our community to stay up to date around the development of Xg, and further opportunities to develop within the BullionFx ecosystem as we announce other components of our roadmap including Yields, DeFi, and Synthetics.

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