BullionFX is bringing currency back to the gold standard.
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Modern currency has been volatile and inflationary since its 1:1 detachment to gold over 100 years ago. Currency has largely become a mechanism governments use to influence economic indicators and trade over maximising its value for holders, and it is reliant on an inherent trust in institutions which are no longer seen as inherently trustworthy.

It is inherently inflationary by design, and its custodians have failed to protect customer funds as we continue to see banks collapse under the existing BASEL requirements requiring them to only retain an 8% minimum amount of capital.

Digital banking has revolutionised the user experience, but has failed to revolutionise the banking system.

BullionFX has developed a blockchain based currency backed 1:1 with institutionally audited & redeemable physical gold ($GOLD) - and - an Ecosystem allowing holders of $GOLD to trade, pay, save, yield (earn), and participate in; de-fi, synthetics and other open source products which allows participants within the BullionFX ecosystem to build and develop products over gold (x/G).

$GOLD solving problems

$GOLD has solved the inherent problems within the industry around delivering an institutional grade audit on a blockchain product, and bringing wholesale spot market liquidity to blockchain markets.

The ecosystem solves the inherent issues of delivering saving & debt markets to $GOLD to allow it to act as a currency - while also allowing blockchain markets and assets to develop markets over $GOLD as opposed to speculative cryptocurrencies or fiat 'stablecoins'.

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BullionFX have developed trustless decentralised platform

Allowing users to be their own custodians and hold their own assets for absolute security in cold wallets held directly (or on a phone/device), allowing wallets to easily be connected to trade & interact – removing the inherent trust users often need to place on exchanges & platforms.

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An Industry leading team

Stephen Moss(Founder) is an expert within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and is the founder of BullionFX. Stephen also founded TemujinX, a specialist blockchain consulting firm focused on developing institutional grade assets and services including Decentralised Custodians which became Australia’s first cryptocurrency vault offering, BDO Blockchain Australia’s first institutional grade blockchain audit product, and the development of commodity backed security tokens. Stephen has also acted as Chairman of Blockchain Australia’s Markets Committee. Prior to being involved in the blackchain industry Stephen held various roles including Director of MossCapital (now Eleanor Investments ASX:ENN), Director of COzero (BRW #1 Fast100 in 2011), and worked as a Delegate of the United Nations (UNFCCC) on behalf of Papua New Guinea.

Stephen Moss
Jonathan Teo

Jonathan is a thought leader in consumer technology and blockchain.

River Nygryn

Ex Macquarie Bank, VP Global Commodities & Markets. River is an inspired leader and mentor with over 16 years of diverse professional experience in Asia, America, and Australia.

David Atkinson

David Atkinson. Co-Founder of Holochain, Founding Partner SL2 Capital & Hotwire Studios. Co-Founder Collective Intention & Collective Action.

Simon Rahme
CTO - Blockchain Product

Simon is the best person to talk to about Blockchain, Web & App development. For starters, He is been there, done that (several times) and got the scars (and successes) to prove it.

Alexander Maron
Chief Compliance Officer

Extensive risk management, governance, and compliance experience within the digital asset and fintech sectors.

Philip Khao

Philip is passionate about helping SMEs thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

Adeel Kiani

Adeel Kiani has 12 years of business leadership experience and is responsible for driving revenue growth through new business acquisition.

Peter Hodge
Independent Director

Peter Hodge was a director of BDO Australia for almost a decade, where he led a series of successful transactions. Technology and blockchain.

Mustakeem Babariya
Tech Lead

Mustakeem is responsible for building and engaging with the BullionFX community through our online platforms.

Josephine Dayco
Head of Marketing

Ex Virtually Human Studio (VHS) & ZED RUN. Josephine delivers strategic communication for founders and startups to captivate and engage target audiences across the industry.

Dean Tate
Head of Partnerships

Dean leads champion teams that solve problems through Agile Innovation.

Nazley Khan
Legal (External)

Nazley has over a decade of experience in commercial litigation, insolvency, commercial advisory, and employment law.

Mark Bouris

Wizard Home Loans was founded by Bouris in 1996 and was sold to GE Money in 2004 for $500 million.

Sir Mahesh Patel

Sir Mahesh Patel, co-founder of PNG’s largest retailer, CPL Group, earned a Knight Bachelor award in 2020 for his contributions to commerce and communities. He now serves as Chairman of the CPL Foundation.

Edward Lee
Head of Asia

With over 30 years of successful experience in the business management, mineral resources, education, investment.

Chris Dutton
PR & Media

Founder of the CEO Magazine and Foundation, Chris has been a true entrepreneur and visionary in the media industry since emigrating from the UK in 2005.

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